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We help forward-thinking companies prepare their people to thrive in this new era of work

Because right now, work isn't working:
Anxiety is up and engagement is at a record low...

Through our empowering mental health, corporate wellbeing, development and leadership training, we're going to Make Work Better*

*Not suitable for those who see employee performance as a box-ticking exercise

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THINK (Mental Health)

You hired them for their minds. We’ll help you look after them…

We’re living in a multi-crisis world, facing both global and local challenges every day. There has never been a more critical time to think about how we look after our people’s mental health.

Our bespoke programmes of preventative mental health training and reactive 1:1 mental health coaching will protect, restore and strengthen struggling minds, giving your people the tools they need to manage their mental health through continual volatility.

The next best thing to having a superpower, help them to “think better” and when life throws them a curveball, they’ll be mentally stronger and more resilient to handle it.


FEEL (Wellbeing)

Beat rising employee burnout and work-related stress with a wellbeing solution that works

Workplace wellbeing is out of whack. Those sharp spikes in employee burnout, stress and anxiety you’re seeing? They’re happening because we haven’t upgraded our wellbeing routines for the new working terrain we’ve found ourselves on. How we connect, how we communicate, how we re-energise - it all needs updating if we want to thrive through the future of work.

Our ‘Feel Better’ programme of workshops, coaching and digital solutions will help your people understand, improve and build their wellbeing routines with a new level of intention, giving them the foundations of good habits and supporting their transformation into long-term behavioural change. This programme will not only overhaul their wellbeing, but improve their productivity (and your bottom line.)


The misconception around mental health training is that it’s only worth doing when there’s a problem, But the one thing we know for sure is that when it comes to your employee’s mental health,  prevention is better than cure.

 Our mental health training courses give your people the tools and behaviours to ‘Think Better.” It means that when life throws them a curveball (looking at you COVID), they’ll be mentally stronger and more resilient to handle it. From learning how to make their mental health a priority, to managing change and uncertainty, this course contains the latest in science-backed methodology, giving them the tools, practical solutions and support they need to protect their mental health


A significant section of the workforce is experiencing poor mental health. It means a vitamin and paracetamol approach is needed. We work with you to restore positive mental health in the workforce, helping to create psychologically safe spaces, train managers to support individuals who are experiencing mental health crises, and provide ongoing mental health training from the industry’s best mental health trainers, including industry giant - Solent Mind.

Workplace wellbeing
is out of whack.

We’re seeing a huge spike in employee burnout and work-related anxiety. Why? Because we haven’t recalibrated our wellbeing routines for this new world of work. How we connect, how we communicate, how we re-energise -  it all needs updating if you want to improve workplace wellness, engagement and ultimately your bottom line

Get rid of the nice-to-haves, invest in the need-to-haves

From tech platforms to therapy puppies, workplace wellbeing solutions have become whitenoise that’s drowning out the simple solutions that real people urgently need.

Little more action please

The only way to beat burnout and work-related stress is with continual action. Our wellbeing training course uses a simple but powerful formula - learn new habits, practise them, and embed them as behaviours so that they become second nature.



With their inspiring and game-changing content, PUSH has been the perfect wellbeing and mental health partner for TikTok as we have grown at pace through these unique times.

Trevor Johnson


PUSH have shown a passion both for our business and the service they deliver to us…they have offered outstanding delivery of the programme end-to-end and we can already see the positive impact that our Thrive @ Rightmove programme has had on the team!

Zoe Martin


A really empathetic, warm and compassionate team of people who are brilliant at what they do. By consistently delivering at a really high standard, I can trust that whatever content or facilitator PUSH delivers, it will always be top class.

Amy Dunlop

Weiden + Kennedy

The coaches are all amazing - they’re interesting and masters of their own field, yet totally relatable and accessible. The content they produce is engaging, relevant and always well-received by the agency.

Charley Walsh

Media Arts Lab

The passion of Cate is clear to see, and it’s clearly rubbed off on the rest of the PUSH team. They are always suggesting new ideas, being proactive in their roles, always taking the time to chat and offer support when needed.

Abby Kersh

Forward PMX

PUSH have brought passion, energy, knowledge and commitment to their work with Blue449. More than this, they sought to understand our particular challenges and designed their programme specifically in response to those challenges.

Anthony Swede

Blue 449

PUSH demonstrates passion in every single interaction I have with them - it really buoys me as a partner!

Ewen MacPherson

Havas UK

PUSH are always brilliant at staying ahead of the game and flexing content and styles to the new normals. PUSH really is the whole package

Miranda Bird

PHD Global

You are genuinely driving change & impacting people's lives and I love partnering with you to make it happen.

Clare Inkster

William Grant and Sons

PUSH understood our needs, our business, and our people. They are all very approachable and fun to work with too!

Anna Seegers

Catalina Marketing UK

Entertaining, educational and completely innovative - you were a great partner and brand. We loved working with you!

Kat Bednarczyk



Simple, targeted and action-based programmes that turn new habits into long-lasting behavioural change.

Enlightened leaders who know how to empower their people

Organisations with psychologically safe environments and future-ready cultures

Managers who can
coach and connect with their teams

Employees who understand how to prioritise self-care

Programme engagement rate  
Of participants understand
their mental health better
Increase in productivity
from one of our clients
Managers feel more
confident to lead remotely
Increase in yearly profit
from one of our clients
Organisations empowered

We empower you and your people to think, feel, do and manage better.

Be remembered as the one that made work better…
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