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The PUSH Vision

PUSH is a life-changing energy and wellbeing company.
We create bespoke programmes for companies which help empower people to live more healthily and happily. Combining wellbeing disciplines, which include COACHING, MINDFULNESS, NUTRITION and EXERCISE with improved ways of working; we re-energise teams and propel them into their highest performing zone, thus improving the performance of each of the corporations that we work with.

All of our programmes are created to satisfy each of the basic human needs: physical, emotional, mental and social. By combining our core wellbeing disciplines in COACHING, MINDFULNESS, NUTRITION and EXERCISE we reboot mind and body through a combination of both group workshops and 1-2-1 based activity.

We combine our wellbeing disciplines with an entirely original process and a team with a rich knowledge of the corporate world; the intricacies of how it works – and an understanding of how to make it work better. This ensures that, every single time, we create a completely bespoke and utterly effective solution, grounded in culture and wellbeing, which will deliver proven, tangible business outputs.

The greatest power of our work is that it creates long-term change; by shifting mindsets, renewing energy levels and helping teams understand how to live and work more effectively.
Consequently, we transform companies and their productivity.


Working more hours and spending more time attached to digital devices; we have brains with more tabs open than Google Chrome! This means we enjoy less time for ourselves or renewing our energy.

As a result, we feel exhausted, disengaged and much of the time like we’re just ‘existing’. Individuals and companies can’t function at their best under these circumstances.

More than just an emotion; stress is a hard-wired physical reaction which, short-term, diminishes our focus and productivity and, long-term, leads to cell and organ degeneration.

We are more stressed than ever before with stress responsible for 80-85% of ALL new illnesses in the UK. 8 days each year are lost through stress-based illnesses for every single person in the UK!

Your Team is your most valuable asset: human beings aren’t computers - you have to look after them, in order to ensure that they don’t burn out.

Resilience and improved self-awareness are key in ensuring that your Team can deal with whatever is thrown at them and remain in their highest performing zone, so your productivity is maximized.

Simple changes in wellbeing, renewal and ways of working improve Team engagement, positive energy at work, employee loyalty and life satisfaction.

The PUSH Promise

We will create an environment which fuels your Team and maximises their energy levels
We will motivate your Team and build their resilience; ensuring they consistently perform at their best
We will create a programme which uniquely supports your business needs and demands
We will provide a focus on results not hours in the office.
We will help your Team become more responsive and less reactive
We will ensure that your whole Team is united, feels respected and proud of their workplace
We will transform how your company works and, consequently, improve its output

PUSH Wellbeing Disciplines