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Train. Transform. Thrive.

Underpinned by our 4 core pillars of Mental Health, Wellbeing, Development and Leadership, we use data-driven insight to build highly personalised programmes of live training, 1-1 coaching and digital tools that we know your people want and need (because we’ve asked them)

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How we do it

Creating real change, with real people, isn’t always easy.
However, we are experts in creating tailored programmes that will engage your people and deliver genuine impact.


Insights and audits inform, track and measure your programme’s success based on agreed ROI


Approach underpinned by our 4 pillars of mental health, wellbeing, development and leadership


Programmes of LIVE workshops, talks and coaching + ON-DEMAND digital training


Highly-personalised programme based on your people, challenges and KIPs


Account manager acts as your personal pain relief and programme co-ordinator

Our experts are the best there are, but there’s so much more to a great programme than training and content…
It’s also about:

  • Brilliant marketing that connects with your people
  • Always being where your people are
  • Measuring the engagement and success of each piece of content based on your people and business KPIs
  • Learning cycle wrap-ups that keep the programme alive and evolving
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So how do we approach this?

Owned by employees, delivered by experts
When employees feel like they are co-creating their experiences, two things happen:

  • Engagement goes up
  • And so does their receptivity to long-term behavioural change

Using data and insights, including personal and professional lived experience from your people, we are able to co-create your programme so it connects with every layer of your organisation.

It's our unique approach and it's proven to MAKE WORK BETTER

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How we bring your programme to life:

The Account Manager

Hands-on management and pain relief

Meet Lucy, your personal PUSH Account Manager! Lucy will mentor you through your time with PUSH, seamlessly coordinating the development and delivery of your bespoke PUSH programme, including the set up, marketing, management and regular updates.

The Audit

What gets measured gets managed

Our audits collect and analyse key metrics that help us to check the pulse of your organisation. These metrics will be continually measured so we can check the shift in your company’s wellbeing and validate the impact of the training over time.

The Roadmap

Begin with the end in mind.

Using the people and data insights from the audit, we map out the current situation (what have we got already, where are the gaps), the people and business priorities and the ultimate destination you’re striving to get to.

The Programme

Learn habits, build behaviours. Repeat.

Using the roadmap, we build a bespoke programme of human and digital solutions that will proactively empower your people with the tools they need to navigate their professional and personal challenges.

Recommended Programme time = 6-12 months of activity achieves maximum transformational impact. Smaller initiatives also available

The LIVE Expertise

Engaging, interactive and practical sessions delivered by expert coaches and trainers.

Science-backed workshops, evidence-based training and 1-2-1 coaching lay the groundwork for transformational change in your people.

Selected from 100+ coaches, trainers, therapists, and psychologists ( and our friends from mental health training giant, Solent MIND,) your selected team will share their expertise with enthusiasm, accessibility, and probably more than a hint of humour!

The Extra Resources

Transformation is moreish

The most common feedback we get from our live sessions is that they wish they lasted longer.

That’s why we give people a PUSH e-learning package that provides an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the content delivered in the Live Sessions.

The Digital Wellbeing Trainer

Introducing PUSH IN YOUR POCKET. A digital trainer that fits in your pocket.

Transformation only happens when habits are practised daily.

PUSH In Your Pocket is your app-based digital trainer that gives you access to in-the-moment exercises, courses and personalised recommendations in mental health, wellbeing, development and leadership.

Use PIYP in conjunction with our live sessions, and you have the magic formula for instilling lasting behavioural change.

The Launch Event

Party Time!

Ok so it’s not exactly a party, but to generate awareness of the program we’ll kick off the launch of you program with an event that maximises enthusiasm about the EPIC journey they’re about to go on.

Making work better for companies worldwide, whether you’re a global tech brand or a 5 person startup.

Want a 360 degree look at employee wellbeing? Don’t ask us, ask them…



With touchpoints at 0, 6 and 12 months, our audits are used to power, track and measure the impact of the programme whilst allowing you to make data-driven decisions around your wellbeing strategy.


  • Track the wellbeing of your people, your organisation and your investment
  • People and data-led insights
  • Tailored questions based on our 4 pillars of corporate wellbeing
  • Can be used as a standalone product to measure employee wellbeing status
Lay the foundations for definitive change with our industry-leading talks and workshops. The jewels in our corporate wellness crown

Talks & Workshops


100+ workshops across all 4 PUSH pillars: mental health, wellbeing, development and management. Each session has been meticulously selected by our Head Of Talent, Steph, who makes sure they lay the foundation for behavioural change by containing the cutting-edge insight and tools your business and team need. And in addition to this, the collective nature of our session provides a much-needed opportunity to strengthen a sense of connection both within and between teams, which is proven to positively impact company culture.


  • 100+ cutting-edge and science-backed sessions, talks and workshops
  • Industry leading coaches talk and train across our 4 pillars of mental health, wellbeing, performance, management and leadership
  • 1 - 2hr long (length and content can be adapted to suit brief)
  • In-person and virtual delivery 
  • 5/5 average rating (hurrah!)


Tap to explore each pillar


You hired them for their minds. We'll help you look after them…
“Vitamin” talks and workshops:

As part of your bespoke mental health training programme, the industry’s leading mental health specialists give your people the preventative tools and behaviours they need to “Think Better.” It means when life throws them a curveball, they’ll be mentally stronger and more resilient to handle it.

  • Mental Health Awareness 101
  • Dealing with uncertainty and change 
  • Stress & Anxiety - is it really worth the worry?
  • Resilience Strengthening
  • Brain Maker - Eating for Better Mental Health
  • Positive Thinking

“Paracetamol” training and support:

Support and restore struggling minds with reactive mental health training and coaching. Including 1:1 mental health coaching from our world-class team of mental health clinicians, and including partnerships with industry giants such as Solent Mind.

  • Mental Health First Aid
  • 1:1 Mental Health Coaching


Beat rising employee burnout and work-related stress with a wellbeing solution that works

Workplace wellbeing is out of whack. We’re seeing huge spikes in employee burnout, stress and anxiety. Why? Because we’re suddenly working on very different terrain. How we connect, how we communicate, how we re-energise all needs updating if we’re to thrive on this new terrain. Forming part of your bespoke wellbeing programme, these workshops give your people the understanding and practical tips that they can implement into their daily personal and professional routine.

Workshops Include:

  • Thriving not surviving
  • Building better boundaries 
  • Unlock the energy to perform and live a better life 
  • Rapid release from work-related stress
  • Rituals and strategies to wind-down the workday
  • Overcoming loneliness to feel more connected 
  • How to feel connected
  • Building financial resilience

03 DO

Let’s grow!

As part of your highly personalised development and performance programmes, these workshops turn fearful mindsets into fearless potential, ensuring your talent has the mindsets capable of capitalising on the opportunities around them.

Workshops Include:

  • Mind Makeover
  • Mindset and Positive Psychology 
  • Developing resilience: bouncing back and improving confidence from failure 
  • Getting gritty for growth
  • Fostering a growth mindset for team success


An updated playbook to lead in this new world of work

As part of your bespoke Management Training programme, these workshops give management and leadership teams the crucial foundations they need to empower, connect and motivate their team. Collaborating with world-class management and leadership trainers, learn how to communicate clearly and with compassion through difficult moments of change, to proactively look out for mental health issues, to start conversations around mental health, and to create psychologically safe environments that maximise energy, innovation and commitment.

Workshops Include:

  • Hybrid working: Making it work for your team 
  • Managing and empowering from afar
  • Lead the troop and build rapport 
  • Managing Change
  • Communication and management styles 
  • Mastering the art of awkward conversations 
  • The role of manager
  • Collaboration and getting the most out of people
  • Managing and empowering from afar

PUSH management courses upskill the managers of today and create the leaders of tomorrow

Management Training


Our latest report revealed that 47% of managers have said their team was facing either a “communication breakdown” or “worsening relationships” since 2020. Beyond our research it is also being widely reported that confidence in management is down and that managers themselves are struggling.

This is, in no uncertain terms, an emergency for businesses.

Collaborating with world-class leadership coaches, behavioural specialists and performance experts, a bespoke PUSH management training programme provides new and existing managers with the training and support they need to empower and connect with their team in this new world of work, giving them the guidance to explore and grow their role as manager with curiosity and without fear.


  • Highly personalised management training programme 
  • Run by leading behavioural specialists, leadership coaches and performance experts 
  • Practical and hands on tools, techniques and strategies based on your specific challenges 
  • Maximise innovation, foster commitment, support mental health
  • In-person and virtual delivery


Identify the gaps or challenges that are getting in the way of accelerated growth


1:1 coaching is an integral part of your talent management strategy, because as the saying goes “a good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life.” In fact we believe everyone should have a coach (and it’s why everyone at PUSH does!) Our 1:1 coaching sessions are a safe space where your employees, managers and leaders can bring their challenges to industry leading performance coaches. These coaches act as guides for personal and professional exploration, and working with your people they will start to dismantle their limiting beliefs, introduce them to new perspectives, and support them to both set and reach their goals.


  • All sessions are held with a qualified, accredited and vetted PUSH coach (ICF, AC, EMCC, or BACP registered)
  • Day-long surgeries broken down into 30, 40 or 50 minute sessions
  • Self-booking by team 
  • A vital opportunity to address individual challenges so they don’t become team or company-wide
  • Integral solution that powers a growth mindset
Your digital wellbeing trainer


Hybrid learning at its very best


Transformation only happens when habits are practised daily. That’s why we launched PUSH in Your Pocket, a digital wellbeing trainer designed to keep you on track with your goals and to provide you with continual wellbeing guidance.With access to in-the-moment exercises, courses and personalised recommendations in mental health, wellbeing, development and leadership, the aim is to give you wrap-around support so that we’re always there when you need us the most.

Use PIYP in conjunction with your live sessions, and you have the magic formula for instilling lasting behavioural change in you and your people.


  • Catch up on live sessions on demand 
  • Experience the power of PUSH’s mental health, wellbeing, peformance and leadership training at a pace that works for you 
  • Get personalised mental health and wellbeing support for when your people need it the most
  • Drive connectivity through team challenges to build that all important sense of togetherness

The Impact We Have

Programme engagement rate  
Of participants understand
their mental health better
Increase in productivity
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Managers feel more
confident to lead remotely
Increase in yearly profit
from one of our clients
Organisations empowered

We empower you and your people to think, feel, do and manage better.

Be remembered as the one that made work better…