PUSH ensured that the entire Yahoo Team were emotionally and mentally prepared for the forthcoming sale.

Yahoo x AOL Merger Case Study

In 2017, Verizon Communications Inc. bought Yahoo with the intention of merging it with AOL to form the company Oath. The Yahoo leadership team wanted to focus on building the resilience required for the team to continue to operate productively throughout the six-month period leading up to the Verizon deal closure.

With that in mind, Yahoo asked PUSH to provide a multi-disciplinary energy and engagement solution to the Yahoo UK Team that would be tailored to their precise needs during this time.

Using a blend of qualitative and quantitative measures, PUSH audited the Yahoo team to understand specifically what was impacting them as a team. The audit yielded five key themes, providing invaluable insight into how to best support them through the changes:

●      Promote psychological safety - help leadership create an environment more conducive to change

●      Focus on relationships and improve communication within the team

●      Up-skill and support the team to be capable of a growth mindset

●      Provide the space for personal planning and self-development

●      Re-energise the team and have fun together!

The Yahoo THRIVE programme was built entirely on the findings from the PUSH in-depth audit which allowed us to tailor and co-create the content to their specific needs. The programme started as a six-month, one-territory programme in London. This was soon extended to 12 months and included three further territories: Munich, Dublin and Paris. The Munich office also ran their own audit in order to better tailor the programme to their team’s needs.


The programme featured more than 300 talks, workshops and 1-2-1 sessions, providing individuals with the skills and energy needed to recharge and perform at the highest level.


PUSH ensured that the entire Yahoo Team were emotionally and mentally prepared for the forthcoming sale. The programme provided them with the skills and resilience needed to continue delivering on their roles throughout the challenging process: One team member commented that “while we still did not know what was coming our way, we felt prepared for it – whatever that might be”.

This ultimately allowed the business to out-perform expectations: the Yahoo Team were able to maintain their sales targets throughout the Verizon deal closure period, while AOL missed their target by 15%.


The THRIVE programme achieved an industry-leading 75% engagement rate, with one team member announcing that they would even come in on their day off to attend one of the sessions, and many asked if they could fund the sessions themselves if the need ever arose.

“The PUSH programme has had a massive impact with fun, good quality sessions which deliver at the highest level across the spectrum of Energy, Nutrition, Brain Training and Coaching,” said Sam Trump, Business Improvement and Critical Escalations, Senior Manager. “The sessions have brought together individuals who would not interact on a day to day basis, fostering enhanced engagement and collaboration across the business.  I have benefited professionally and privately and it’s really motivating to see the company investing in our mental and physical wellbeing.

“As a result of the sessions I feel fitter, more centred and more present in my life and able to capitalise on the opportunities around me”

The Impact We Have

Programme engagement rate  
Of participants understand
their mental health better
Increase in productivity
from one of our clients
Managers feel more
confident to lead remotely
Increase in yearly profit
from one of our clients
Organisations empowered


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