PUSH created a bespoke mental health and wellbeing programme that would protect, prevent and restore positive mental health.

The Challenge. Why Rightmove turned to to PUSH:

In early 2021 Rightmove, the UK’s number one property website, came to us with their in-house wellbeing survey results from Dec 2020:

Their survey revealed that:

●     93% of the Rightmove Team felt it was a great place to work, however:

●     1 in 5 described their wellbeing as “poor” during the lockdown period, and had struggled more with their mental health vs their physical health.

With 20% of the Rightmove team flagging their mental health and wellbeing was suffering, our challenge was to create a bespoke mental health and wellbeing programme that would protect, prevent and restore positive mental health during the multiple stages of lockdown.

Following the success of this programme, Rightmove returned to us and asked us to develop a new programme, one that would evolve to meet the team's ever-changing wellbeing needs into 2022.

We are delighted to share the bespoke solutions and positive results of our Rightmove Thrive Programme from 2021 and 2022 below.

2021: The launch of Rightmove Thrive

The objective:

To protect, prevent and restore the team’s mental health and wellbeing through this acutely challenging period.
To give the team solution-focused tools that will empower them to own their own mental health improvements.
To ensure programme success by developing a programme identify that would connect and engage the Rightmove team

The Solution:
Working closely with Rightmove, we developed and implemented a bespoke employee wellbeing programme that looked at the Rightmove team’s mental health and wellbeing from a a company-wide, holisitic and individual angle

Underpinned by 3 of our PUSH pillars (Think, Feel and Manage), the programme provided the team with reactive mental health support from expert clinicians, as well as preventative training and tools from industry leading mental health trainers and coaches.

To truly create a culture that supported a preventative approach to employee mental wellbeing, it was vital to engage Rightmove managers as well as employees. As the people who are often the first port of call in employee mental health crises and who are integral in creating psychologically safe spaces for employees, we delivered a mental health training programme specifically targeted at the Rightmove management team.

(Mental Health and Wellbeing)

●     Quickly implemented weekly 1:1 mental health coaching with expert clinicians to support struggling team members.
(In total 94 slots of 40 minutes)

●     Launched monthly training sessions that focused on building resilience and strengthening mental focus.

●     Launched practical sessions on “How to” thrive when working remotely.

(Management training)

●     Implemented Mental Health for management training

●     Workshops that up skilled managers with behavioural training to notice changes in their team

●     “Start the conversation” workshops

●     Mental Health First AiderTraining

The Results

2021 THRIVE Programme Key Stats & Feedback

Mental Health 1:1 Coaching (March-May’ 21)

Engagement Rate = 79%

Quantitative Feedback:
Those who attended scored the coaching session 4.7 out of 5 as beneficial to their mental wellbeing.

  1. Qualitative Feedback:

●     “She [the coach] was knowledgeable, understanding, she helped put my concerns in to perspective in terms of other people suffering mental health issues and how far society has moved on in terms of being more understanding of mental health issues”

●     “{The coach}was really easy to talk to and relate with. She created a safe space, it didn't feel like an interrogation like I've experienced in the past - it was like talking to a friend who challenges your thought process because they want the best for you.”

●     “I instantly felt comfortable and connected with {the coach}. She was down to earth and understood my situation, checking her understanding. It was amazing to get so much out of 1 short session - thank you so much. I felt boosted as soon as it finished, giving me the focus and reassurance I needed.”

Overall THRIVE Programme Session Results  for 2021

●      Sessions ran - 18 (14 for all staff + 4 Manager Sessions)

●      Number of attendees - 624

Aggregated Session quantitative Feedback Score of 4.7 out of 5


Qualitative Feedback Quotes

●      “I thought the session was brilliant and enlightening. I'm looking forward to practising some new skills and learning more about myself.”

●      “It is ok (and necessary) to put yourself first, provided it is done in the correct manner. I already knew this to some degree, but sometimes you need that validation from somebody else to help build your confidence and allow you to feel that your actions are not outrageous. Also, it's good to hear of different approaches to enforcing a boundary and saying 'no'.”

2022: Rightmove Thrive evolution - The ‘Year of You’

The backdrop:
Moving into 2022, and as the world started to open up, the team's needs started to evolve, which meant the programme evolved with them.

The objective: 

The focus was now on prevention, on supporting their people’s wellbeing following a period of trauma, and their development as they embarked into the new world of work. We developed an employee wellness programme of training and workshops that moved away from a crisis “pill approach” to a “vitamin approach”,  by focusing on strengthening their resilience and supporting their personal and professional development.

The Solution:
We proposed a bespoke employee wellbeing programme underpinned by 3 of our PUSH pillars (Think, Feel, and Do). Coined “Year of You”, this year’s Thrive programme was designed to empower the team to take control of their physical, mental, physical and financial wellbeing and to own their own development. The programme was  broken into the following 4 areas for group sessions and 1:1 coaching,

1 - Understanding yourself better
2 - Making time for you
3 - Taking care of yourself
4. - You time - 1:1 Coaching


(Mental health and Wellbeing)

●      (Weekly mental health and wellbeing training sessions, talks and workshops that focused on a dedicated topic from the above areas. 

●      Sessions included: Choosing your future self; Become a mindful eater to nourish yourself;  How to reset, refresh and boost your mental & physical energy; Powerful habits: The science behind how humans learn, change & develop; Own your story; Writing for wellbeing.



●      1:1 Coaching - team members were given the opportunity to meet privately with a coach who specialises in personal development, professional development, financial and nutritional wellbeing. 

●      This allowed them to identify the gaps or challenges that are getting in the way of their growth, and to understand, explore and take control of their goals

2022 THRIVE “Year of You” Programme Key Stats & Feedback

●      Year of You 1:1 Coaching (March-May ‘21) - Personal & Professional Dev, Nutrition and Finance

Number of 1:1 Coaching surgeries ran - 80
Number of attendees - 72
Feedback responses - 16

Quantitative Feedback analysis:

●      The coach understood your challenges and objectives, and gave you helpful advice or additional resources. 4.9/5

●      This coaching session will help you better achieve your goals or overcome challenges. 4.8/5

Qualitative Feedback:

●      “Firstly, it was good just to talk to someone who I felt was impartial and able to see my thoughts holistically. Secondly, Lorraine just 'got it' straight away. She was supportive, informative and shared things and resources which I could look into.”

●      “Kathryn suggested I emailed her before the session with an idea of what to talk about. That allowed us both some thought gathering and focus time ahead of the session, which proved to be invaluable in terms of what I took away from the session”


2. THRIVE “Year of You” Session Results
have ran to-date

Number of attendees - 210

(Feedback responses - 18


Quantitative Feedback analysis:
The coach explained and illustrated the concepts clearly and concisely. 4.8/5
The session content was organised and easy to follow throughout. 4.9/5
The session was engaging, with opportunities to ask questions. 4.5/5

Feedback Quotes:

“The coach was fun, approachable, and kept the session interactive.”


“Thanks it was a really good session - really well executed - Jo really knew her subject matter and is passionate about it - so it really helped land the session - I loved it !”


Some key learnings ``Strategies to take care of myself. Less screen time, drink water, take more breaks, dance like no one is watching!”


“The coach’s energy was great. The content was clear with practical takeaways”

When we started our partnership with PUSH early last year, we needed and wanted to do more to support our people through all the ongoing change they were experiencing, and they helped us create a plan of action to do just that.


From our latest survey results, we can already see the positive impact that our Thrive @ Rightmove programme has had on the team - which is why we know it's important to continue with what we have started and evolve it with their needs.

PUSH are passionate about our business and the service they deliver to us, helping to ensure the programme feels part of Rightmove - offering outstanding delivery of the programme end to end.

Zoe Martin, Director of People and Development

The Impact We Have

Programme engagement rate  
Of participants understand
their mental health better
Increase in productivity
from one of our clients
Managers feel more
confident to lead remotely
Increase in yearly profit
from one of our clients
Organisations empowered


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