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PUSH provided a solution that would support and strengthen the Blue team, focusing particularly on resilience-building

Blue449 Case Study

A PERIOD of intense change and transition resulting from a merger prompted an open source media agency to approach PUSH for help to build resilience and create a sense of team.

Blue 449 operates at the intersection of media, ideas, data and technology to deliver inventive, collective progress for its clients. After the agency was bought it was completely re-branded, doubling in size from its previous 90-strong team due to a large client win.

In 2017, Blue 449 challenged PUSH with providing a solution that would support and strengthen the Blue team, focusing particularly on resilience-building. The key aim was to ensure that operations and out put remained consistent as the team settled into their new roles during a complex period of change and new process development.

As a first step, PUSH recruited internal ‘WellnessChampions’ from across the Blue449 team. These individuals would be ambassadors for the Wellness Programme, promoting it and helping to publicise events and sessions internally.

The PUSH team interviewed all of the Wellness Champions one- on- one to assess their experiences and what the overall climate of the agency was. This helped set a barometer for where the team was before the merger, giving insights into the sessions that were most needed to be successful.

Open Source was the unique programme developed to support the Blue449 Team, helping them maintain their energy and performance levels while simultaneously allowing them the time and space for personal planning and development.

The multi-discipline programme ran for 18 months, spanning the practical and the inspirational. In order to build resilience, company-wide‘Inspire Change’ talks were put on with leaders from the Wellness and MentalHealth Industries. These sessions helped bring people together while challenging traditional thinking.

The programme also included 1-2-1 coaching sessions and personal development workshops which helped to grow individual self-awareness and enable personal planning. Finally, activities including art therapy and team ‘play’ workshops were brought in to develop the Blue culture, create a fun environment and most of all, re-energise the team on a day-to-day basis.

In December 2017, PUSH held follow-up interviews with theWellness Champions to gauge how the team felt about the programme and if they considered it was having a positive impact. These conversations showed that the programme had helped those engaged to understand themselves and their colleagues better. It also offered them the opportunity to build relationships with teammates, supporting new collaborative thinking and processes as they worked towards developing the future of their company.

The Open Source programme continued to run throughout 2018offering weekly meditation and yoga sessions to maintain resilience, as well as quarterly personal development and nutrition 1:1 coaching sessions.

Anthony Swede, Blue 449’s Head of Planning, said: “PUSH have brought passion, energy, knowledge and commitment to their work with Blue 449.More than this, they sought to understand our particular challenges and designed their programme specifically in response to those challenges. This greater depth of insight and greater adaptability of answer is what sets them apart.”

The Impact We Have

Programme engagement rate  
Of participants understand
their mental health better
Increase in productivity
from one of our clients
Managers feel more
confident to lead remotely
Increase in yearly profit
from one of our clients
Organisations empowered


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