Organisational Change

How Do We Lead A Team Through Organisational Change?

Change can come in many different guises. Stakeholder decisions, mergers, acquisitions, restructures and so on.

The fact is, change is inevitable and organisations that put procedures in place to manage the unknown are far more likely to avoid a potentially negative aftermath.

In today’s digital landscape,

we have seen a seismic shift as traditional structures transition over to more modern-led processes.

Clearly this has its benefits as more adaptive and autonomous systems allow more room for creativity, However the flipside is that the ‘always on, always connected’ society it has created has, resulted in blurred boundaries between work time and home time. PUSH realise that the impact of this on the team needs to be understood and supported.

How well a business manages this constant change is visibly reflected in the condition of the team. Low morale, high staff turnover, increased sick days and a general cultural malaise are all symptoms showing that something, somewhere needs to be reviewed. Sometimes the way we are working just isn’t working.

Whatever the reason causing change within your organisation,

it’s the uncertainty it brings that affects your staff. Your employees must feel resilient, supported, and equipped to deal with the unknown.

You must ensure that your team have the energy levels and skills required to help them keep performing well during the period of change.

At PUSH we believe that your people are your biggest indicators. Whether that means they highlight the need for change in the first place, or simply asking them to feedback during the change process to gauge success.

Support your people throughout times of change

Invest in them, and check-in with how they are feeling throughout. By empowering your team to deal with uncertainty, and giving them the tools to cope with the impact, you create a resilient, self-aware culture that can see the opportunities that come alongside change.

Developing Team

Change - Culture


Creating the space to learn from experience

Change - communication


Mastering the art of communication in all of its forms

Change - Collaboration


Merging the skill set from across the whole team

Change - Conflict manage

Conflict Management

Bringing new levels of understanding, empathy and trust

Developing Individuals

Change - Resilience


Displaying courage during the most trying times

Change - Awareness


Understanding your leadership style, qualities, strengths and weaknesses

Change - Emotional

Emotional Intelligence

Building self-awareness, self-regulation, and social skills

Change - stress management

Stress Management

Tools to thrive under pressure

The PUSH Change Audit

The PUSH Change audit is an exploratory piece of work to uncover how people are feeling about the transition they are facing and all the many areas of their day to day that are or aren’t being affected by it.

How we feel profoundly affects how we perform and it is this which we analyse to provide a gauge and design the strategy the team will need in place to support them throughout the change process.

We continue to assess how the team are feeling, and consequently how they’re performing, throughout the process as this will demonstrate how well the transition has worked, if the support has satisfied the need and, indeed, if it needs to be developed to support the team further

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"PUSH have brought passion, energy, knowledge and commitment to their work with Blue 449. More than this, they sought to understand our particular challenges and designed their programme specifically in response to those challenges. This greater depth of insight and greater adaptability of answer is what sets them apart."

Anthony Swede

Head of Planning, Blue 449

"We have loved working with PUSH! The PUSH Team not only helped us create a brilliant wellbeing and energy programme but, more importantly, energised all of those involved in very different ways – there was genuinely a real buzz around the office!"

Simon Daglish

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"Cate understands where we’re coming from and the challenges that we face. Her approach is both inspirational and practical"

Jo Rigby

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