Corporate Wellness

We reduced attrition rates with one of our clients from 35% to 4.5% over 18 months

We achieved a saving of £1.5million as a result of reduced attrition levels

With one of our clients, only 6.4% of overall leavers had partaken in the PUSH wellness programme

We increased engagement scores by +7 points in 6 months in an independently tracked staff survey

Why Should You Invest in Corporate Wellness Programmes?

Wellness is undoubtedly a common term thrown around the workplace lately, but for us it’s about more than bringing in a few office plants and a fruit bowl (nice as these both are).

PUSH’s ambition is to bring in the stuff that’s really going to make a lasting impact on employee physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing. We work closely with companies to get to the root of the issues, and this informs how we deal with the symptoms and causes. That’s what makes PUSH stand out.

Wellness Benefits Are A ‘Must Have’

beyond the implications of a nurtured team, wellness programmes have proven ROI – for every £1 you spend, you get £6 back reflected through reduced attrition, reduced sick days and increased productivity.

We have proven when you invest, when you invest, your teams are re-energised, turnover drops and organisational culture is rebooted. Trust and employee engagement levels will sky rocket. People are happy and healthy, taking less time off for stress, and this in turn is guaranteed to have a positive impact on your bottom line. Wellness benefits are no longer ‘nice to have’, they are a ‘must have’.

The PUSH Workplace Wellness Programme

Wellness can cover many elements, and our expertise in the field has led us to identify the ‘Pillars of Wellness’. When an employee is supported and thriving in these areas, magic happens. PUSH can deliver an extensive variety of sessions delving into each of the following topics:

Wellbeing - Physical


Exercise sessions will de-stress, invigorate and improve productivity

Wellbeing - Mindful


Simple self-awareness tools can lower anxiety while increasing focus, creativity and cognitive function

Wellbeing - Sleep


Understand this fundamental pillar of health and the impact it has on your everyday functioning

Wellbeing - Nutition


Nourish your body with the right nutrients to leverage the correlation between what we eat and how we perform

Wellbeing - Stress manage

Stress Management

Tools and techniques to develop healthy responses to stressors and prevent burn out

Wellbeing - Personal Dev

Personal Development

A proactive process to increase the knowledge of oneself in order to cultivate positivity, broaden perspective and manage personal effectiveness

Wellbeing - Resillience


Gain the psychological strength and develop bounce back ability when faced with times of adversity

Wellbeing - Energy manage

Energy Management

Identify behavioural habits and external influence that affect our personal energy levels in order to renew and expand our capacity and engagement

The PUSH Wellness Audit

The audit is an exploratory piece of work to dig into the health of the organisation.

We will identify how people are feeling, what’s working and what opportunities there are for improvement – a real chance to see and work on blind spots. Using a blend of both quantitative and qualitative research methods, we will obtain rich and informative data.

After collecting and analysing the data, key themes will emerge and the findings will form the foundation of our work together. These themes can influence new processes and behaviours as well as the programme content, in order to help the company future-proof and thrive.

Healthy employees drive productivity, create the very best ideas and build the healthiest business.

But how can we go about influencing senior leaders to invest in these changes? Our downloadable white paper presents the business case for investing in wellbeing; including the ability to attract and retain top talent and the power in sharing stories of how wellness has helped influencers survive in the corporate world.

Download our Whitepaper

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What Our Clients Say

"PUSH have brought passion, energy, knowledge and commitment to their work with Blue 449. More than this, they sought to understand our particular challenges and designed their programme specifically in response to those challenges. This greater depth of insight and greater adaptability of answer is what sets them apart."

Anthony Swede

Head of Planning, Blue 449

"We have loved working with PUSH! The PUSH Team not only helped us create a brilliant wellbeing and energy programme but, more importantly, energised all of those involved in very different ways – there was genuinely a real buzz around the office!"

Simon Daglish

Group Commercial Director, ITV Commercial

"Cate understands where we’re coming from and the challenges that we face. Her approach is both inspirational and practical"

Jo Rigby

Head of New Business and Marketing, Vizeum

"Cate and the team are an absolute force of nature. Never before have I seen such energy, enthusiasm and sheer hard work. You can see that they love what they do and it shines through in everything that they offer"

Lisa Batty

Head of Marketing, Time Inc

"Entertaining, educational and completely innovative – you were a great partner for our brand. We loved working with you!"

Kat Bednarczyk

Senior Business Marketing Manager, Twitter