Upskilling product managers to create people leaders
Our groundbreaking Make Work Better research discovered  that 47% of managers recognise that their team are facing a ‘communication breakdown’ or ‘worsening relationships’.

It's widely acknowledged that relationships lie at the heart of high-performing workplaces, but in this new era of work, managers need new behaviours to establish better communication, connection and trust within their teams.

That's why we created the Management Behaviours programme.
It's a clinically-developed solution that up-skills managers with the behaviours they need to build, foster and prioritise communication and relationships at work, in order to maximise their teams' potential.

But how does it work? Learn. Apply. Reflect. Repeat. Learn more below.
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Learn. Apply. Reflect. Repeat.

The Management Behaviours programme goes beyond the learning content delivered in live sessions, taking your people on a journey that connects the dots between session learning and their real-world daily actions.

This creates an opportunity for embedded learning and long-term behavioural change. After all, our programmes are just as much about the process as they are the final outcome.
The programme has been expertly designed in partnership with our in-house integrative psychotherapist, to give your managers the tools and skills they need to become great people leaders, who will lead your teams to hit their business goals for the year ahead.Each module runs over 4 weeks and to enhance long term behavioural change, offers a perfect fusion of live and digital learning. Their content and order have been carefully considered, starting with a foundational understanding of the core skills great people leaders need.Not sure you need all 6 modules? Personalise the programme by choosing a minimum of 3 out of the 6 suggested.
This module explores emotional intelligence and how it operates in the workplace to build a more creative, happier and less combative environment. Discover how we express ourselves and how understanding these subtle communications is the key to great relationships and unrivalled teamwork. Learn simple techniques to re-frame situations, manage emotions and maintain clarity of thought through conflict.
Boundary setting is one of the simplest, clearest ways of creating successful relationships both at work and in social situations, and, brilliantly, can be a highly effective method of avoiding stress, anxiety and burnout. Yet, boundaries have become increasingly blurred in this new hybrid world. Participants will learn how to identify the boundaries they need to put in place and build a respectful culture within their team.
Whether it's poor performance, giving developmental feedback or dealing with sensitive personal issues, there are some topics that managers find particularly difficult to handle. However, the ability to speak about sensitive issues is essential to impactful line management. This module will help you tackle those challenging conversations, allowing you to seize opportunities and create genuine change.
Providing regular feedback will see your team improve their performance and show that you genuinely care about their development. Giving your team a voice will help them become more engaged, strengthening your relationship. This module will help you feel confident in giving and receiving feedback in a well-received and constructive way. It will help you create action points from your feedback that keep motivation and productivity high and receive feedback in a way that drives a positive outcome.
The employee-manager relationship isn't a given, it takes time to build rapport. Virtual bonding can feel awkward compared to informal tea breaks in the office. Having trusted interpersonal relationships can open the door to greater understanding and deeper connections, ensuring you have a top performing team who work brilliantly together. Understand how to create rapport with your team to build trust levels where loyalty, integrity and empathy sit at the heart of your interactions.
In a constantly changing world, it is more important than ever to be able to adapt. Practising building resilience will give you the elasticity of response to put you and your team in a better position to weather any uncertainty ahead. This module helps you to create autonomy over your thoughts so that your strengths can be harnessed and confidently expressed. You will learn skills that bolster your ability to have more control over your perspective and, therefore, your emotional responses to events.

We help forward-thinking companies prepare their people to thrive in this new era of work.

PUSH are industry-leading training and coaching experts. Through our empowering mental health, corporate wellbeing, development and leadership training, we're going to Make Work Better.

Underpinned by our 4 core pillars of Mental Health, Wellbeing, Development and Leadership, we use data-driven insight to build highly personalised programmes of live training, 1-1 coaching and digital tools that we know your people want and need (because we’ve asked them).
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