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Resilient Teams Manage Change Better

Resilience is defined as the ability to recover from setbacks, adapt well to change and keep going in the face of adversity.

The point is, we can never see what’s coming over the hill. However, with greater resilience, like bamboo in the wind, we learn to bend rather than break. And, more importantly, spring back to face ‘the new’.

PUSH believes that at the heart of great resilience lies energy: when our energy levels are at their highest we have the capacity to deal whatever is thrown at us and become more adept at bouncing back.

Team energy can be determined by so many factors from brilliant personal development though to exercise sessions and the capacity to live much more presently; PUSH will work with your Team to understand exactly what they most need and tailor a bespoke programme for them.

All of our unique and innovative workshops and sessions are driven by key insights. These consider that to create a brilliant culture you must display psychological safety – where a team can feel safe to make mistakes and, in doing so, potentially create genuine magic. That brilliant teams don’t avoid problems – they face them head on and collectively show courage in doing so. Finally, they celebrate the losses as much as the wins – knowing that they will learn from their mistakes and don’t allow their failures to gain power and become debilitating.

Most of all, we recognise that all Teams are made up of individuals, who are facing very different personal and professional challenges. We’ll show you that, from the outset, your shared vision will help you function at your very best, in order to form the most brilliant teams.

Uplifting and engaging, we’ll leave you with simple tools and techniques that are guaranteed to develop your collaboration alongside your self-awareness