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Help bring to life Twitter’s ‘Passions Points’ Strategy to key clients, around the area of wellbeing


A week of engaging and interactive lunchtime workshops, dedicated to sharing each of the PUSH disciplines; boosting our audience’s knowledge and helping renew their energy levels for their afternoon of work!


PUSH created a truly unique B2B communication which, not only helped perfectly communicate Twitter’s proposition but also helped set them apart in the mind of their clients.This was reinforced when the MD of one of the media agencies where we had delivered our activity, got in touch with Twitter’s Head of Sales to thank them for the original, innovative, engaging and utterly ‘non-salesy’ activity they had run which genuinely helped their workforce!

“Thank you so much for today! The sessions that your team provided were both entertaining and educational and you were a great partner for our brand. We also loved the innovative follow-ups that you provided for our clients. The PUSH team were massively professional and we loved working with you!”

Kat Bednarczyk, Senior Business Marketing Manager, Twitter