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The Talks


Deliver an inspiring and educational talk as part of Sainsbury’s Spark Conference 2017.

SPARK is an annual TED-style half day internal event, with the goal of engaging and opening the minds of the 240 strong Sainsbury’s Ops board, Marketing and Corporate Affairs teams.

In 2017, the session theme was “Change”, whether Societal and Cultural Change, Business Change or Individual Change. The purpose of the event was to inspire, engage and motivate attendees to think outside the box, challenge traditional thinking and provoke debate.


PUSH’s Founder, Cate, delivered an inspiring and energising talk about the importance of resilience in the workplace for supporting change. She argued that no one can know what is coming around the corner. However, the greatest teams and individuals are those who have the energy to be flexible to whatever comes their way.

“Cate’s talk at our SPARK event was brilliant. Not only was she inspiring and relatable but the content was fascinating. She shared great insights into stress and resilience and gave us some really handy tips of how to manage this in our day to day lives. Cate is clearly knowledgeable in the field of wellbeing and was a really engaging speaker who left us wanting to hear more. Thanks again.” 

Clare Inkster, Senior Insights Manager, Sainsburys PLC