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What we eat affects how we feel day to day more than anything else.

Sluggish? Tired? Bloated? Depressed? Tick tick tick. At PUSH we will give you the tools to combat all of these all too common ailments.

Our lifestyles have evolved and developed quicker than any other generation ever before. We now have more foods, more money and more choices, yet our bodies are struggling to cope with our new modern choices! Our bodies are bombarded with thousands of different foods and chemicals on a daily basis, so our systems become overloaded and acidic which is when poor health and illness are more likely to occur.

As a generation, in London and the wider UK, we are unhealthier and fatter than ever before.

At PUSH we take a fresh approach to nutrition, in particular nutrition at work, whilst taking on board existing health conditions or concerns, by taking you back to basics. We work to put the body back to an alkalizing or neutral state, whilst working with life, mindfulness and fitness coaches to unravel any negative food habits or issues – psychologically or physically.

This is not about a complete overhaul and radical change, it is about balance. After all, red wine is good for you … In moderation!