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Focus Coaching

At PUSH, we wanted to give you the chance to work out exactly what changes you want to make and help give you the tools to be able to make those changes.

And that’s where Exec Coaching comes in.

Exec Coaching is for anyone who needs a little more clarity and support in setting achievable goals to improve either their professional or personal life. The main objective the same in either – hardworking, driven and ambitious people have busy and hectic lives,

be that in London or the wider UK. Coaching provides support to order thoughts and set achievable goals to lead to a more balanced and focused life.

Crucially this is done in a completely confidential and non judgmental environment – having the opportunity to “off-load’ to an unbiased professional is hugely cathartic. The coach isn’t just a sounding board, their job is to help the client formulate achievable goals and set a plan on how to achieve them. It is goal orientated and solutions focused but delivered in a very supportive environment.