Case Study
Following a complicated restructure, ITV wanted to re-energise the team, instill within them a growth mindset and ensure they were excited to take on challenging new business targets.

Applying their tried and tested quantitative and qualitative research techniques, the PUSH Team delved into the core areas of the ITV Team’s day-to-day work.

They were able to produce an in-depth analysis of the team’s current status and identified four core areas of focus to improve performance: productivity, resilience, communication and energy management,

Over a 6-month period, PUSH delivered a expertly curated programme that incorporated a variety of activities including one-to-one coaching, facilitated workshops, talks and group sessions, all designed to create an environment that animated and invigorated the ITV Sales Team and drove them to meet and exceed all their targets.


“The PUSH Team not only helped us create a brilliant programme to improve the team’s performance but, more importantly, energised all of those involved in very different ways – there was genuinely a real buzz around the office!

Our work together has got us starting to think that little bit differently; empowering each-other to understand how to live better whilst improving performance and enjoyment at work. Cate and her Team were an utter pleasure to work with and we were really impressed with the quality of their work and their knowledge. They ensured that nothing was too much trouble throughout the entire process and made it incredibly easy to get to the right solution.”
Simon Daglish, Group Commercial Director, ITV Commercial

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