Case Study
When PUSH were first asked to collaborate with Havas Media as their wellness partner, the team had experienced a vast amount of change over the 12 months prior.

This included movements in leadership, a number of restructures and finally a move to a new office location with more than 20 other agencies and 1,800 people all under one roof for the first time. With challenging transitional periods and stressful workloads ahead, PUSH were asked to provide a solution that would bolster the business for the changes to come, provide support through these changes, and create a platform for stability coming out the other side.


Havas Equalise is a strategic wellbeing solution designed to focus on building resilience; helping employees maintain their energy and performance levels; ensuring business operations and output remained stable; supporting the new vision for the business, and ultimately creating an open and ongoing conversation about physical and mental health and wellbeing.  

We conducted a full internal audit for Havas Media with the inclusion of their internal Wellbeing Champions to fully research and understand the existing needs of their employees to ensure this was taken into consideration, as well as the wider strategic business objectives. 

We are honoured to have partnered with incredible speakers, with the fantastic Ruby Wax as part of this programme, who delivered a frank and hilarious talk for the Havas team for Mental Health Awareness week around the benefits of mindfulness as a tool to reduce stress.

To date we have delivered a multidisciplinary, 24-month programme which spanned from the practical to the inspirational. This included large-event-style keynote talks from Leaders within the wellness and mental health industries; helping bring people together whilst challenging traditional thinking. Nutrition and weekly exercises sessions were also key in keeping the team healthy and fuelled on a physical level. 1-2-1 coaching sessions and personal development workshops helped evolve self-awareness and enable personal planning. Finally, the likes of art therapy and team ‘play’ workshops helped in developing culture, fun and, most of all, helping to re-energise the team on a day-to-day basis.


The results were clear – employees that interacted with the programme showed a 20% increase year-on-year in billable client time which is equivalent to £1.4m in income that otherwise would have been ‘lost’ in non-billable admin activities. This positive shift suggests that employees were maximising available resource to be 20% more productive, despite a reduction in overall resource. And incredibly, 96.4% of employees that interacted with Havas Equalise have remained with the company, therefore helping to stabilise the business.

Taking a preventative approach to the health and wellbeing of employees is a top priority for Havas Media and we are proud to have provided 438 unique wellness hours throughout the programme, equivalent to running wellness sessions for 58 working days straight!

The use of the Havas Media Wellness Lounge surpassed expectations with traffic monitoring showing between 60 and 120 visits per month. Feedback has also been resoundingly positive. 96% of people enjoyed the sessions and felt they were worth their time whilst 97% of people thought that the coach was engaging and knowledgeable. One senior employee even gave unsolicited feedback that Havas Equalise was “the best personal development event [they had] ever experienced in [their] career”!

Havas Equalise has delivered an incredible impact to both the people and the wider business at Havas Media. PUSH has helped the teams understand themselves better and opened up the conversation around physical and mental health and wellbeing. The business has been able to maximise available resource and enable efficiency amongst teams. Critically, PUSH has helped to put an employee support structure in place to help stabilise the business and secure a positive future for the company.

“Working with the PUSH team has been an absolute pleasure! They have been a perfect fit for us and easily met the needs of our ongoing welfare initiatives. With the support of PUSH, we have created a great health & well-being programme called ‘Havas Equalise’, incorporating nutrition talks, one to one coaching sessions, food for thought workshops and much more. Not only have the PUSH team been able to tailor workshops just for us, they have also organised an internal team of well-being champions so PUSH can really get to grips with what we want to see from the programme. It has been a massive benefit to all attendees!” Charley Walsh, People Team, Havas

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