Case Study
Catalina Marketing had experienced dramatic change across the operations of the business by moving from a traditional print company to a digital agency. This resulted in a need to reset the organisation’s vision and values.


Our brief was to create a dynamic, collaborative culture, fitting of the ‘new’ company. We were also tasked with helping align the team to the company vision, develop principles and behaviours and create a defined way of working across the business.


Our work together started with the PUSH audit that allowed us to delve into the company and gather core information that would inform the Catalina Culture Programme.

The programme kicked off with an off-site launch for the entire company that included an inspiring keynote talk covering resilience and adapting to change. After the launch we facilitated a comprehensive vision workshop which involved bringing to life the vision of ‘Customer Obsessed’ and uniting the team behind it, reigniting the Catalina passion by supporting team energy levels, improving team-integration and company-wide communications, and increasing the opportunity for reflection, feedback & celebration.

With clear direction for the programme, we crafted a selection of practical sessions that aligned with the core themes, such as questioning, listening & feedback workshops, mastering difficult conversations, as well as one-to-one executive coaching and even an improvisation workshop.

We then revisited the team with a follow up vision workshop to decide the steps moving forward in order to really solidify the new culture direction. We spent time with the company Culture Champions going over current processes, and which aspects need to start, what needs to stop, and those that should be continued.


The team now has in place strong defining pillars of what it means to be a member of the Catalina team, and underpins the company values. This has set the groundwork for the future, and this project will be continuing into 2019, with a programme designed to bring to life the manifesto in an interactive and engaging way.

“PUSH Mind and Body have been instrumental in driving positive culture change at Catalina in 2018. We embarked on what seemed to be an impossible journey back in Feb ’18, but Cate and her brilliant team broke down the impossible to ‘’POSSIBLE’’ through a structured programme comprising of engaging, honest conversations, market experts sharing best practice and 1:1 coaching. You can feel the difference at Catalina and we are looking forward to working with PUSH to roll out phase 2 of our culture change journey in 2019” Premal Patel, Catalina Marketing

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