Case Study
Catalina Marketing started their relationship with PUSH in early 2018.

As an organisation that prides itself on customer service, and delivering maximum returns for its clients, it was essential that PUSH’s work with them delivered significant performance improvement for their team who had experienced numerous organisational changes in a very short period.


The great news is that six months on, Catalina Marketing have measured the impact of PUSH’s work, and the results are beyond their expectations.

Prior to their work with PUSH, Catalina Marketing operated in a quite rigid organisational structure, which impacted staff motivation and their ability to feel empowered to make decisions, this ultimately resulted in annual staff attrition (churn) of 33%. With high staff turnover, and subsequently high costs of recruitment and training, they knew that a solution was needed to create an organisational culture that was ‘fit for future’ and which reflected their vision and values.

PUSH collaborated with Catalina Marketing in devising a programme of work that would create a dynamic, collaborative culture, with the ultimate aim of upskilling the team to be more consistently creative and innovative. This work focussed on four central pillars – change, leadership, empowerment and communication.


Several months later, it was time to review the impact of the work, and the team at Catalina Marketing crunched their numbers to see if anything had changed – and they had, for the better – and some.

With the primary metric of reducing attrition, team churn had decreased from 33% a year ago to 0%. This demonstrated that not only are people much happier in the organisation than ever before, they are committed to working there.

In addition, the productivity of the team has dramatically increased, with high quality campaign delivery. In some instances, taking eight week lead times down to two whilst maintaining quality. Catalina Marketing have quantified this saving in hours in one of their teams, and they’re now saving c.9.5 – 17.5 hours per week due to their focus on efficiency, which works out at an additional 40-75 hours of available time to do great work for their customers each month!

The results of PUSH’s work with Catalina Marketing are clear to see – by investing in their people, Catalina has improved the motivation of its team, and in turn improved their productivity considerably.

“PUSH Mind and Body have been instrumental in driving positive culture change at Catalina. We embarked on what seemed to be an impossible journey back in Feb ’18, but Cate and her brilliant team broke down the impossible to ‘’POSSIBLE’’ through a structured programme comprising of engaging, honest conversations, market experts sharing best practice and 1:1 coaching. You can feel the difference at Catalina and we are looking forward to working with PUSH to roll out phase 2 of our culture change journey in 2019 and beyond”
Premal Patel, General Manager, Catalina Marketing

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