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Clients We Have Worked With Include

Here are some lovely things our clients have said about our work

“We have genuinely loved working with PUSH. The PUSH programme has had a massive impact with fun, good quality sessions which deliver at the highest level across the spectrum of Energy, Nutrition, Brain Training & Coaching.

The sessions have brought together individuals who would not interact on a day to day basis, fostering enhanced engagement and collaboration across the business. I have benefited professionally and privately and it’s really motivating to see the company investing in our mental and physical wellbeing.

As a result of the sessions I am more conscious of the food I buy, feel fitter, more centred and more present in my life and am reflecting on career opportunities.”
Sam Trump, Business Improvement and Critical Escalations, Senior Manager, Yahoo


“The PUSH Team not only helped us create a brilliant wellbeing and energy programme but, more importantly, energised all of those involved in very different ways – there was genuinely a real buzz around the office!

Our work together has got us starting to think that little bit differently; empowering each-other to understand how to live better whilst improving performance and enjoyment at work.

Cate and her Team were an utter pleasure to work with and we were really impressed with the quality of their work and their knowledge. They ensured that nothing was too much trouble throughout the entire process and made it incredibly easy to get to the right solution.”
Simon Daglish, Group Commercial Director, ITV Commercial


“‘Wellness’ as a topic is hot news right now.  But I’m not sure businesses are really harnessing their top talent and their need to be looked after at work. At Yahoo we have always been involved in improving staff morale and retention but we wanted to do more.

 We knew Cate from her days on the agency side, so she knows first hand of the pressures we all face. Long hours, stressful deadlines, constant performance evaluation and shifting priorities. Cate and her team came in to work with us and build a bespoke training plan specifically suited to us. We now have a programme in place at Yahoo of high intensity training, coaching, nutrition, meditation and yoga hat the team are absolutely loving.

It’s easy to say you believe or care about the culture of a business. But to invest in it shows you really care.”
Nigel Clarkson, MD and Country Commercial Director, Yahoo UK


“Thank you so much for today! The sessions that your team provided were both entertaining and educational and you were a great partner for our brand. We also loved the innovative follow-ups that you provided for our clients. The PUSH team were massively professional and we loved working with you!”
Kat Bednarczyk, Senior Business Marketing Manager, Twitter


“I had the pleasure of getting to know Cate and the lovely PUSH team over four action packed mornings at Maxus UK. ​​Astute and intuitive, Cate designed the perfect corporate wellness programme incorporating exercise, nutrition and mindfulness workshops. From day one it was clear the team had a genuine understanding of the pressures we are up against in the workplace. As a result each attendee left with an arsenal of practical skills they could fit in their day-to-day routine, not a set of ideals they could not relate to.

The PUSH team were informative and insightful but most of all they were an absolute pleasure to work with and get to know. Starting my morning with PUSH made each day that little bit brighter.”
Giuliana Coli, Strategist, Maxus Global


“PUSH makes you think about your daily lifestyle habits and choices, before helping you improve on them. Interactive sessions run by lovely, inspiring people result in better understanding and a more positive approach to how we work and play. Everyone needs a little PUSH once in a while…”
Barbara Feeney, Head of Trade Marketing, Metro


“PUSH has really helped OMD UK improve work-life balance this year. We have held Resilience, Mindfulness, Nutrition and even high energy exercise classes to fulfil the needs of everyone working here. The responses have been great with OMDers wanting to evolve the partnership with PUSH and get involved every step of the way. PUSH has been instrumental in moulding our wellbeing programme and I can’t wait to see what the team brings next.”
Nimisha Patel, People Manager, OMD UK


“We have worked with PUSH on a corporate wellness programme encompassing many areas of the PUSH offering. We have been impressed with the passion and commitment of the whole team in delivering this for us. They are responsive and proactive to our needs and work to give us the highest quality of service. Whilst we are still only part way through the programme, we are thrilled with the response internally and are looking forward to seeing how our relationship can evolve.”
Pippa Goodwin, Managing Partner, M2M Media


“Vizeum is a fast growing global communications network, attracting new clients through our innovative approach to media. Looking after our people is essential so that they can work creatively and with agility. Cate ran a session for us to help our new business community manage the intense pressures of a pitch and look after themselves and their teams. We also ran a seminar in Cannes with PUSH to support Creativity through Wellbeing. Both sessions were excellent and the feedback was very positive. Cate understands where we’re coming from and the challenges that agencies face. Her approach is both inspirational and practical.”
Jo Rigby, Head of New Business and Marketing, Vizeum


“Cate and the team are an absolute force of nature. Never before have I seen such energy, enthusiasm and sheer hard work. You can absolutely see that they love what they do and it totally shines through in everything that they offer. I asked Cate to come and speak at a trends session I organised for Time Inc. UK on health and she was the star of the show. She has such a refreshing outlook and lives her passion with such credibility that you cannot help but buy into her vision. She avoids preaching, and presents a realistic view of wellness which you really believe.

I would not hesitate to work with Cate and her team again and am hoping to do so in the near future. I would recommend Push Mind and Body to anyone who has even a modicum of interest in the world of wellness – get in there quick as there is only so much of Cate to go around!”
Lisa Batty, Head of Marketing, Time Inc