Work Is The Number One Stress For Most People and How Organisations Are Working Lies At The Heart Of This Stress

PUSH realised that in order to create genuine change and improve performance of people and companies, we needed to see past the ‘symptoms', to get to the cause itself. Otherwise you simply paper over the cracks.

Therefore when PUSH work with you, we strive to understand your business and establish what we can do to improve its performance through every aspect of how your people are working.

To do this, we analyse what is happening within your company, using a combination of quantitative, qualitative and observational research.

Armed with our findings, we then tailor a programme that draws on our six areas of people-focused expertise and answers your specific business needs.

PUSH is the market leading business consultancy within its field, having delivered tangible and proven differences in companies. We have delivered shifts in engagement, decreases in attrition and increases in productivity. More than anything though, we have helped shape some brilliant places to work where people can and make brilliant work. Because there is no denying that having energised, motivated and happy people makes great business sense.

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