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A Word From Our Founder

I created PUSH because it was exactly the thing which I needed but wasn’t yet available.

In my ‘previous life’, I worked in media for 16 years, most latterly as Head of Partnerships for a large media agency in London. My career and lifestyle were busy and fun but also equally stressful. I was the very epitome of work hard and play hard and sometimes, frankly, it just all got a bit too much.

Towards the end of my career, I was signed off with stress. We talk a lot about the Emotional Quadrants at PUSH and I was safely heading from the Survival Zone into Burn Out and I knew it was time to do something about it.

I’d tried to always balance my life between ‘credit and debit’ and personally, I always knew that life was better when I exercised, ate well, meditated and worked with my Exec Coach on realistic goal-setting. However, it was finding the time to do all of these things, alongside my career, my family, and my social-life which was like a ridiculous juggling act.

I decided there and then that it was time to take time out of the corporate worldand focus on these passions of mine and spend time finding out who I was and what I wanted, rather than just continuing on; feeling like I was doing little more than ‘existing’.

And this was where the concept forPUSH started being formed – from a genuine desire to help busy, stressed-out professionals, just like me, to be empowered to live and work that little bit better.

We started out as retreat, encompassing all of the disciplines which I knew were the perfect blend to improving how we live and work. Over our first 12 months, these becameincredibly successful but we wanted to try and help more people, more quickly.

At the same time, I started being approached by many of my old colleagues who were incredibly interested in what PUSH was doing but couldn’t afford the time off to be able to join us for a week.

All of a sudden, the PUSH Team were struck with a bolt of lightening – rather than expect the stressed-out, busy people who we wanted to help, to come to us – we should take our proposition to them! It was so blindingly obvious!

Working with more and more companies, we quickly developed from being ‘just a wellbeing company’ into one who’s expertise and understanding could help turn good businesses into ones that were consistently great. With a bit of what we knew and a bit of what our clients knew, we realized that we had the power to truly help businesses transform how they work and that is what we’re genuinely excited to share with you.