True to Your Values

Even if we aren’t aware of it, we all have values which govern how we live. It is a set of fundamental beliefs that act as our very own code of conduct. Having a value system enables us to tell right from wrong and guides us to behave in a certain way.

Core values can be inherent or instilled in an individual. It is important to understand what your own values are because they embody what you are known for and are integral to your identity. And, as a wise man once said, they can take away everything from you but the one thing they can never remove is your identity.


Companies also have core values, or principles, which represent how their leaders, managers and employees think, act and behave. A true values-led company will ensure that their values aren’t just posted on the company noticeboard, website or published in the staff handbook but are communicated and role-modelled at the very top of the company. The behaviours that reflect them are cascaded down and can be built into everyday operations.

When an employee and organisation have the same values fit, it can be extremely powerful. Individuals believe in the company and its mission and want to work hard to fulfil their goals. It can help to empower and energise them. They are happier, healthier and more comfortable at work. Misalignment between company and personal values can be the reason for stress and conflict in the workplace.

Values have never been more important in the world of business and with this in mind we will be joining our client Oath UK at this year’s Huddle event, organised by global media agency network, Mindshare. Every year Mindshare shuts down the agency for a day and brings together media brands and agencies which host a range of diverse mini interactive workshops, talks, exhibitions, and panel discussions. The event on 15 November will see 1500 staff, clients and partners attend throughout the day who can sign up to activities that appeal to them via a special Huddle app.

This year’s theme is The New Era of Influence and will focus on the changing nature of influence. Huddle will be exploring some big topics and asking some big questions. For example, has the rise of fake news and the trust deficit led to a new appreciation in the industry for media brands and context? How influential are traditional media news brands and do they still shape the national mood? And has social media enabled politicians and celebrities to influence public opinion directly without the filter of mainstream media? It will also explore what new findings in behavioural science tell us about the nature of influence in the 21st Century.


In this new era, we believe human beings remain the most powerful force for influencing other humans. But to influence, we must understand our own value systems as we have the greatest power when we are in a position of self-awareness and have the tools at hand to manage ourselves and consistently perform at our best.

Oath is a values-led company which works with PUSH to make coaching available to their team. This enables them to develop their self-awareness, consequently ensuring that each member of the team can have the greatest influence over both themselves and others. Now, Oath wants to extend this opportunity to its clients and are working with PUSH to deliver that at Huddle

During Huddle we are running 30-minute, one-to-one personal development coaching sessions throughout the day as well as a talk focusing on mindfulness, entitled Happiness by Design by PUSH coach Palma Michel. Palma was our mindfulness coach on the highly successful Rise Up programme which we ran with Oath.

Its basis is providing tools that will help individuals act in an authentic manner that is in line with their values. Palma will share three secrets about a person’s brain, that can radically transform their life and empower them to act according to their values even when in stressful situations.

Oath is shaping the future of media and technology and is a great example of a company which has benefited from empowering their people to live their values at work. Its values include ‘Raise the bar’, ‘Speak the truth’ , ‘Create what’s next’ and Commit to inclusion’. The sub line of the latter is ‘Be yourself, Build Together’, which perfectly sums up what Oath and PUSH want to achieve on the day.


Huddle takes place on Thursday 15 November from 10 am – 5 pm.

30 minute 1:1 Personal development coaching slots are available to book across the day. Happiness by Design will start at 10 am. Use the Huddle App to book your slots. We look forward to seeing you there! 

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