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We can IMPROVE how we live and work through self-awareness

When we’re up against pressures in the workplace we need solutions that are grounded in wellbeing to help us make decisions and keep our teams performing at their optimum. Even when time is at a premium.

So much of the time, we’re on ‘auto-pilot’ with well-worn behaviours happening automatically or in response to external stimuli.

When we improve our consciousness of how we’re feeling and of the assumptions we’re making, the more we can make intentional choices about how we want to behave. This leads to use having greater and more consistent balance in our lives.

Ultimately, self-awareness allows us to be more authentic and effective in relationships with others both in and out of the workplace. Consequently, improving both our effectiveness and productivity.

Among the PUSH suite of wellbeing disciplines is exec coaching – a goal oriented and solutions focused approach in a safe, non judgemental environment. We also use a combination of modern psychotherapy and traditional meditation techniques to teach mindfulness. This skill is invaluable at work and in your personal life and will help with stepping out of  unconscious habits and switching off auto-pilot, in turn enhancing concentration, creativity and self-confidence.

Being unafraid to face our weaknesses becomes a strength, empowering our clients to better understand how they relate to people and pressures. As a result, we can demonstrate increased employee satisfaction and company productivity, as well as a drop in sickness days and attrition rates.