Happy, healthy people make GREAT business

The greatest leaders know that the organisations which manage to figure out how to put balance before burnout will ultimately perform better than the rest. Companies like Netflix and Google are living proof that a purpose driven mission nets game changing results.

At PUSH we dedicate ourselves to showing how embracing our wellbeing disciplines will ensure that a corporation’s greatest asset – its people – can keep exceeding their goals, personally as well as professionally.

Following our rigorous well-being audits, that poll and act on a host of cognitive data and wisdom, PUSH bespoke programmes combine the best of inspirational and practical approaches, spanning the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – everything that humans have needed to keep body and soul together since the dawning of time.

Top-down is counter productive: PUSH believes that to start by focussing on each individual is the key to unlocking team potential. Once your teams are re-energised, turnover drops and organisational culture is rebooted. Trust and employee engagement levels will sky rocket. People are happy and healthy, taking less time off for stress, and this in turn is guaranteed to have a positive impact on your bottom line.