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You don’t create a culture, you enable EMPOWERED staff to

As oaks will spring from acorns given the right conditions – water, soil, and space – organisations can grow when teams are allowed the freedom to share and build their work together. And, just as good gardeners trust in nature to do its work, extraordinary company culture thrives when leaders relinquish control.

Giving permission to people – engaging with them, nurturing disruption and challenges and trusting in them to shape and co-create their own goals – will result in increased trust and engagement. A fruitful company culture is not imposed, it is born of unfettered energy and creativity. If you nourish, it will flourish.

PUSH helps your teams build momentum by empowering each other to understand how to live better whilst improving performance and enjoyment at work. As PUSH advise you on interacting with your teams, they can embrace lifestyle benefits which contribute to tangible business outputs.

Our sessions ensure that your people feel united and respected. We foster collaboration by bringing together people who would not interact on a daily basis.They find their own rhythm and start building a framework of shared vision and values. In turn, that team spirit ensures your people will stay loyal to you, and pride in their workplace will shine through in everything they do.

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